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The Architects Act

General Regulation and Bylaws Course

Chapter 1 Scope of Practice

1) The Alberta Association of Architects is a self-regulating profession. What does this mean, and what is the rationale and priorities of a self-regulating association?

2) Joanie Depp just graduated from an architectural program at a Canadian university. Excited that she’s finally able to start her professional career, Joanie begins promoting herself as a “graduate architect”, and working in the field of “architectural design”. May Joanie address herself in such a manner, or are there restrictions to using those titles? Give reasons for your answer.

3) Lindsay Lohman is registered with The Alberta Association of Architects as a licensed interior designer. She just recently received a call from a prospective client who wants a building built to house their new business. Specifically, the client is requesting Lindsay to do the following: plan and design the exterior and interior of the building, prepare detailed instructions of the interior design plans, and coordinate engineering work on the exterior walls of the building. Is Lindsay entitled to undertake this work pursuant to the Act? Please explain.

4) What is the role of the Act, the General Regulation and the bylaws, and how do they all work together?

Important Notes:

By clicking on the 'submit' button you are not submitting your answers to the AAA. Rather, you will be prompted to save a file of your answers to your hard drive. This file contains both your answers and the template (correct) answers.

You do not have to submit your answers to the AAA. Members need to save their answers to the course questions for a period of two years in the event that their Professional Development file is selected for an audit.

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