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The Architects Act

General Regulation and Bylaws Course

Chapter 3 Practice Review and Discipline

1) What is the scope of unskilled practice or unprofessional conduct as defined in the Act? Who is best positioned to determine whether a member is meeting those practice requirements?

2.a) The chair of the Complaint Review Committee has received a complaint from Forrest Gomp about the conduct of a licensed interior designer registered with The Alberta Association of Architects. What are the options the chair must consider in determining a course of action?

2.b) The chair decided there was not enough evidence to pursue a course of action, thus dismissed Forrest Gomp’s complaint. Can Forrest do anything else to pursue his complaint?

3) Upon the conclusion of a hearing or appeal, what type of order can the Committee or Council give to a member who has found to be involved in either unskilled practice or unprofessional conduct?

4) What can trigger the Practice Review Board to conduct an individual practice review? And what are the possible results of the practice review that can occur?

Important Notes:

By clicking on the 'submit' button you are not submitting your answers to the AAA. Rather, you will be prompted to save a file of your answers to your hard drive. This file contains both your answers and the template (correct) answers.

You do not have to submit your answers to the AAA. Members need to save their answers to the course questions for a period of two years in the event that their Professional Development file is selected for an audit.

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