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The Architects Act

General Regulation and Bylaws Course

Chapter 6 Education, Training and Continuing Competence

1) Samuel Wong is a registered architect in British Columbia. He wishes to apply for registration in the province of Alberta. What requirements must Samuel fulfill in order to be registered in Alberta?

2) In order to comply with the Association’s continuing competence program, what must members do in addition to completing the specified annual learning requirements set out by the Association?

3) Once the registrar has issued a notice of cancellation and the authorized entity fails to complete the continuing competence requirements within the requested time on the notice, the registrar’s decision is final. True or false? Please give reasons.

4) Gordon Gekko is a member of the Association who has failed to keep up with the requirements of the continuing competence program. He has failed to provide any documentation of continuing competence hours completed, and now the Registrar has issued to Gordon a notice of cancellation. Gordon does not want to lose his membership in the Association and has requested your help in dealing with this matter. What should he do?

5) Lucky for Gordon Gekko, the Council has chosen to reverse the Registrar’s decision to cancel his membership and is reinstating Gordon’s registration. However, what is Gordon’s reinstatement subject to? In other words, what must he do before he is reinstated as a member in good standing with the Association?

Important Notes:

By clicking on the 'submit' button you are not submitting your answers to the AAA. Rather, you will be prompted to save a file of your answers to your hard drive. This file contains both your answers and the template (correct) answers.

You do not have to submit your answers to the AAA. Members need to save their answers to the course questions for a period of two years in the event that their Professional Development file is selected for an audit.

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