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The Architects Act

General Regulation and Bylaws Course

Chapter 2 Code of Ethics

1) Michael Clayton, a registered architect practicing in Alberta was approached by Brad Prit, an architectural technologist who requested Michael act as a professional of record on an ongoing project. Michael accepted this work, but had limited involvement in the actual project. He reviewed but did not supervise the preparation of the construction documents, and visited the site a total of 2 times during the duration of the project. Michael then affixed his signature and seal to documents and drawings respecting those projects. The contract was drawn directly with the technologist, not the owner, and the fee Michael charged was minimal. Has Michael done anything wrong?

2) Kristen Kane was a registered architect who was acting as owner, developer, architect and condominium board member with respect to the renovation and condominium conversion of an office building. Kristen was very open about her involvement in the project and in fact, used her profile in the development and real estate circles to help market and advertise the project. Has Kristen done all that is necessary to stay onside of the Code of Ethics requirements regarding conflict of interest?

Important Notes:

By clicking on the 'submit' button you are not submitting your answers to the AAA. Rather, you will be prompted to save a file of your answers to your hard drive. This file contains both your answers and the template (correct) answers.

You do not have to submit your answers to the AAA. Members need to save their answers to the course questions for a period of two years in the event that their Professional Development file is selected for an audit.

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