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The Architects Act

General Regulation and Bylaws Course

Chapter 7 The Association

1) The President has called a meeting of Council members. What type of individuals must Council consist of? And how many members will constitute a quorum?

2) Debra Morgan, a registered architect is too busy to get her mail vote for new Council members in on time and has asked her reliable brother Dexter to help out. As a new registered architect, Debra is unfamiliar with most of the nominees. In fact, she only recognizes 4 names, and as such, she has instructed Dexter to first, print her name on the ballot sheet, then only mark those specific 4 boxes and leave the other boxes blank, even though more votes are allowed. Debra tells Dexter to place the marked ballot in a sealed envelope marked on the outside with the word “Ballot”, and to send that to the Executive Director of the Association. Has Debra complied with the proper ballot marking procedures laid out in the Bylaws? Please explain.

Important Notes:

By clicking on the 'submit' button you are not submitting your answers to the AAA. Rather, you will be prompted to save a file of your answers to your hard drive. This file contains both your answers and the template (correct) answers.

You do not have to submit your answers to the AAA. Members need to save their answers to the course questions for a period of two years in the event that their Professional Development file is selected for an audit.

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